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Nadine Le Prince PACKAGES

With packages, I try to tanscend objects that have been kept away, that will be disposed of and that nobody cares to notice.

Packages have been used to protect or wrap things and they constitute a screen against what is inside. Therfore they become a questioning , and they partake the mystery to which I give great importance.

-h:t,Au musée Grévin, At the Grévin museum, ( tripyque) 54 x 100 cm x 2 , (o:c)

-h:t,L'œuvre, Work,o:c,100 x 73 cm

Packages are worthless and they are meant to be short -lived. By painting them, I render them perpetual and more valuable

-h:t,Le temps immobile,Motionless time 130 x 162 cm o:c

-h:t,Sans dessus dessous, 73 x 50 cm, o:c -h:t,Prospérité, Prosperity, o:c, 65 x 50 cm

-h:t,Marianne libérée, Free Marianne, 162 x 114 cm , (o:c) -h:t,Botte de navets:turnip brunch,(o:c) 35 x 27 cm

I work on light so as to play with the colours , matters, reflexions, transparencies and opalescences. I try to capture the appearances by suggesting, questioning, and pondering,in addition to the aesthetical choice I always make in my compositions.

-h:t,Éléphant emballé,Packed elephant,65 x 100cm,o:c

-h:t,Holy,24 x 33 cm, o:c cm

-h:t,Masques,Masks, 27 x 22 cm , (o:c)

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