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Nadine Le Prince THE TRUNKS

Trunks are one of my favorite subjects because they symbolize voyageing, which I love, and they are often full of useless things we are attached to that we lovelingly store in them

The content of the trunk is the representation of my preoccupations. But I also choose the trunk itself for its shape is capable of rendering the three-dimension illusion proper to "trompe l’oeil", and it triggers off imaginary trips.

h:t-Le destin,h:t, Destiny, o:c, 162 x 97 cm copie

It also involves matters relevant to past life, the trace of man and the senses.

h:t-Le troisième oeil, The third eye,81 x 100 cm, h.:t, o:c copie

The trunks I choose are old not only because they are thus more meaningful but also because they enable me to work on the course of time ; not only on the past but also the present time since I open them back into the present time of which they become part. This is precisely what I wish to render by studying light and reconsidering highly, symbolic objects. Time comes to a pause…

h:t-Holy,24 x 33 cm

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