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Nadine Le Prince How I proceed with my artistic work


Painting is composing elements set together on an outward surface, but its concept is an inward urge. It is a means to convey viewpoints and feelings. Once achieved, the artistic’s work is no longer his. As the bond uniting the artist to his work is loosened, the painting will lead its own material life,a life prompted by spiritual strengh.

When painting I feel as if I am doing something that is worth it. I travel to other places where there is no notion of time,I build my own reality,and questions, which,of course,entail uncertainties and peaks of agony,I lose control of these questions as they are led by passion.

My apparent reality is a questioning and it needs reconsidering. It suggests emotions and reflexions to the spectator. It conveys the contents of my imagination as it is reconstructed by my artistic process. In the form i draw,I wish to express my inner feelings, views and mental images. Art makes you dream,the unreality of dreams is more real than the reality of things. The artist is neither a transcriber nor a rival to the world around him,he is urged by a deep emotion.Behind the forms, one should realize what they imply in the mind of he who created them as well as in the mind of the spectator. The artistic work should reflect something more essential than its mere appearance:spirituality life, that is.

I practise also "trompe l’oeil",as a kind of chalenge as I wish to give a three- dimensions illusion in the ambience that is mine and a perspective of reality towards imagination.It does not consits in rendering a stylish composition,but rather in setting a new order of reality from a subjective point of view.

I do not wish to compete with appreance, but to go beyond.

The figurative painting is a mask whose main flow is to prevent the public, who sees a "picture", fom understanding the purpose. I am not trying to paint an item but the effect it produces on the spectators by casting light on what they connot see.

In setting an antique in my composition I wish to recall something which as already taken place;I work both in and on the course of time, on the matter and the effect time has on it.

My oil paintings on canvas made in my studio are from a model which I lay out as a film maker,taking great care of the lighting,since light is a prevailing feature of my work. I can elaborate a concept from preliminary drawings and sketches, so that part of my work is already achieved as I start using the brushes. But I like also spontaneously to draw and paint during my many travels and sometimes I am working a travel scene from my sketchbook in my studio with oil on canvas. The picture does not not contitute a boundary. For its completion not to be disapointed it will be result from the passion which enables me to overcome the pain and the physical, as well as spiritual, fatigue due to my research on the technique and achievement. I constantly try to improve the technique as best as I can,as its aim is to foster pondering and to send vibrations that will be perceived differently according to the spectators sensitiveness. Techinque must save the thought. And in my still life and trompe l’oeil,the items loses its significance to gain a purpose. I wish the public to become aware of reality as they simultancously get contradictory impressions:the picture of reality leading to a virtual, illusive image.

Painting is an elevating art. Its leads to freedom and the conception of things. it is a silent poetry… Nadine LE PRINCE

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