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Nadine Le Prince Heights and depths

Paul Guth


Nadine reaches heights and depths which border the sublime. She paints as an absolute expert, an infallible virtuoso, with the unyielding exactness of the sharpshooter unfailingly scoring the bull’s eyes.

And she is also a lady whose superb feminity fully express itself in her graceful and sensitive nature. For it must be said that Nadine is a very beatiful lady. As all the greats artists, it is her own picture she paints in her paintings.

She must be regarded as the queen of the living matter for her extraordinary skill - amongst many others - to render it whatever it may be : paper, coardboard, glass, plastic, strings … And how skilfully she paints all kinds of fabrics: they are silky, glossy, thrilling and deep!

Take good note, as she is one of the greatest contemporary artists!

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