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Nadine Le Prince Giclées

Some examples of my giclees

Oil / canvas
Giclees can be printed on canvas or different kind of papers under the artist control. A stamp or a signature is at the back of my giclees.

Here some examples of my paintings printed in giclees( all of them can be done)

Oils/ Canvas printed in giclees on canvas :

-Le silence, silence, h:t, o:c, 195X130cm, copie -Le sommeil, Sleeping,h:t, o:c, 90 cm, copie -Le temps immobile, Motionless time,130 x 162 cm , (h:t) (o:c) copie -Festival,h:t, o:c -Prière , Pryer, h:t, o:c,162x130cm copie -Shhatri en hiver, Shhatri in winter, h:t, o:c copie

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