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Nadine Le Prince TRAVELLING

Travels paintings on canvas, gouaches, inks and drawings

FABRICS-UNDERWEAR How I proceed with my artistic work
Travels involve a change of scenery, fresh things to marvel at and such happyness that I feel urged to communicate the feeling they arouse in me insketches, drawings and paintings.

Voyages are a painted folding screen whose pannels I can fold and unfold as I wish. They are subjective and they reconstitute the present together with the past time ; they connect me with the objects and people of the past, they have no changed much. This unchanging time helps me sense what past life was like in the place visited, they help me understand the legends. And all the things that might sound unbelievable or supernatural look real,natural and understandable.

I feel the urge to get back to my dreams, which I have left on the other side of the sea, where the desert starts.

My past voyages also influence me when I work in my studio for they are part of my life. My painting takes them to something more essential than their meer apparence, which i give them by rendering exotism an acute perception of what is different and the strong individuality that I cannot understand most of the time and thats makes me seek new plastic form. I do not mean to transcribe reality but rather to render an emotion and a questioning.

Travelling suggests a posible rebirth and a fresh spirit of life each time. The traveller leaves the ludicrous contraints of social life behind him and gets to feel the rythm of the sea, the desert and the montains ; he gets to sense diversity and to enjoy freedom.

Paintings on canvas, gouaches, inks and drawings :

-h:t, Bleu univers,Univers blue,130 x 195 cm, o:c h:t-Cambodge,Corps et âme,Cambodia,Body and soul, o:c,162 x 130 cm -h:t,Bouthan,Prière (162x130cm) Prayer, ((o:c) -h:t,Grèce,Greece,Rue à Rhodes, street in Rhodos, 33 x 19 cm ,o:c -h:t,Le temps présent,Present time, o:c,113 x 73 cm - Gouache,Tanzanie Dentelle de brume, Tanzania, Fog lace,65 x 50 cm - Gouache, Kenya,Baobab avant l'orage, Baobab before the storm, 50 x 65 cm - copie 1 - Gouache, laddakh,Nirvana, 65 x 50 cm - Gouache, Moine lisant,monk reading,Birmanie, Burma,65 x 50 cm - Gouache,La terrasse, the terrace, Jordanie, Jordan,44 x 34,5 cm - Gouache, La caverne Jaspée, the cave, 50 x 65 cm, (Jordanie, Jordania).jpg - Gouache, Duo, 27 x 38 cm - copie - Gouache, Canyon, 65 x 50 cm.U.S.A - Gouache, Greece,Mosquée à Lesbos,Mosk at Lesbos, 50 x 32,5 cm - Gouache, Grèce,Barque échouée à Corfou , Fishing boat in Corfou,Greece, 32,5 x 25 cm - Gouache, Maroc,Cour bleue, Blue couryard, Marocco, 29,5 x 16,5 cm - Gouache, Sikim,Jungle, 25 x 302 cm - Gouache,Soleil de plomb,Hard sun,Yemen, 50 x 65 cm - Gouache, Italie, Venise,Italia, Venezia, 50 x 33 cm. JPG -Dessin,Nepal, Les gardiens du temple, Drawing, The temple keepers, 25 x 32,5 cm - Encre, Ink, Yemen,Yemenites,23 x 16,5 cm - Encre,ink, Femme Masaï,Masaï woman, 21 x 15 cm., jpg - Encre,Kenya, Lion au repos, Lion at rest, 32,5 x 25 cm - Encre,Vietnam,La sieste, Ink, The nap, 32,5 x 25 cm

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