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Fabrics and underwear suggest the forms

Women’s underwer is,to me, a subject to create a self-sufficient realm in which the object loses its significance to gain a purpose.

What I intend to do in painting underwear is to change the habits of the past by settingoff what is usually conceald.Conjuring up sensuality and our contemporary world is meant to be provocative. It is also a way to come to terms with my feminity.

-h:t,Sans dessus dessous, 73 x 50 cm, o:c copie

I am trying to lift the taboos, and above all to use light, colours, the matter and composition in order to transcend items that the proprieties conceal.Behind the forms one should realize what they imply ; they are a mixture of dream and past life which will play with the strange forces of the mental depths. With fabrics I wish to breathe a stirring touch unto light, colours and volumes. I enter the abstract world which is made of mass and where lines are often broken by stripes.The grafic of stripes, when mingled with volumes, is a way of getting off the subject.

-h:t,Transparence (195x130) Transparency (o:c) copie -h:t,La belle époque, The Edwardian age, o:c, 89 x 50 cm copie

H:T-Le sac, The bag, 50F, ovale, h:t, o:c

It is an invitation to make out what is first perceived and to take it into complexities of unreality.

-h:t,Le temps immobile,Motionless time 130 x 162 cm o:c copie

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