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In my paintings, the characters are motionless and quiet, they can be an inspiration to the meditation or an evocation to travelling.

I try to avoid the anecdot in order to create a timeless situation that will arouse questioning and deep emotion.

-h:t,Le sommeil, Sleeping, 90 cm, o:c copie

A simple decoration in order to determine the situation which I set my characters, but I attach a lot more importance to the relation between full and empty space that I see as a pause. Full space in thus enhanced.

-h:t,Ourobos, o:c, 114 x 146 cm copie -h:t,Espoir,Hope:o:c 65 x 50 cm copie

I always paint from a model which I lay out as a director, taking great care of the lighting, since light is a prevaling feature of my work.

-h:t,Vacances marines, Sea side holidays,210 x 210 cm , (o:c) .jpg copie -Pastel, Clown fleur, Fower clown.87 x 63 cm copie

My compositions are somewhat exotic , which is due to the fact I am found of Orient and voyages ; so that these settings are meant to conjure up memories rather than to be chracteristic. -Pastel, La sirène, the siren, 65 x 50 cm copie

During travelling, i am inspired by characters costumes, colors, light, walk and movement that i meet, and I draw and paint in my skechbook, then I compose them in my studio.

-h:t,Fraternité, Fraternity, o:c,27 x 22cm copie - Gouache, L'homme au turban d'or, the man with a golded turban, 43 x 35 cm copie - Encre,L'homme à la bicyclette, The man with a bicycle, , ink, 29 x 21 cm copie -Dessin, Élephant au travail, elephant working, 23 x 17 cm copie

Through the characters I like to express symbols, or an incitement to spirituality.

-h:t,Etat de conscience, Conscience :o:c. 130 x 162 cm. jpg copie

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