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I have found it quite exiting to have to paint over such large surfaces. working from such heights on scaffolding in a physically heroic achievement, for who is not used to it , as you stand up the sixth floor of a building, carrying a heavy bucket of paint in one hand and brushes in the other, and you have to climb up ladders that give onto the void…

It is also my personal revenge as a woman standing on scaffolding is a rather surprising performance for the workers on the building site and the passers by in the street. In any case,this has been a very interesting experience which I hope to carry on.

The concept of a mural is quite specific. As far as I am concerned, I will, of course, paint " trompe l’oeil" since it has the advantage of fitting in perfectly with the urban environment and it enables me to use perspective from all points of view.

peinture murale, rue Castagnary à Paris copie

I am also attracted by the fact that these are short-lived paintings because of bad wheather, pollution and graffiti. I quite like temporary art whose interest is that is refreshing and it breaks wiyh routine.

What I also like about "trompe l’oeil" murals is that you can play with them. Thet are part of our environment; they are illusive and surprising. Playing with them is the first step towards a dialogue. They create a world that can be granted as real. At first sight they may be puzzling and the arouse feelings of doubt and certainty in turn. The spectator’s reaction is to stop being passive to be active and check.It is a game and reality becomes a game of wit and a door open to dreams.

Peinture murale, rue Carnot, Levallois-Perret. (72) Porte peinte (72)

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